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The ProFroster


The ProFroster

The god-sent gadget in the video above makes it beyond easy to flawlessly smooth out your frosting
the ProFroster is a game-changer for cake makers.
— Cake Geek Magazine

What is A Profroster?

The ProFroster a new cake decorating tool to help you achieve sharp, clean, straight edges on your cakes! Frosting will never be the same.





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The ProFroster

Helps create sharp edges and level cakes so that you can spend more time decorating your creation!

  • Can frost a cake up to 8" high (Scraping surface is a little over 8" high (approx. 8 1/8") and 5" across)
  • Use with Buttercream and Ganache
  • Made from FDA food safe plastic
  • Made in the USA
  • Pricing in US Dollars
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https://www.cakesaroundtown.com.au  Australia

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Customer Cakes And Reviews

Customer Cakes And Reviews

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Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 8.36.26 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 9.27.56 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 9.37.03 PM.png
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How it works

How it works

How it works

U.S. Patent Pending

Making a cake that is level and has a clean edge is both difficult and time consuming. There are several methods that professionals use to achieve this look, and they take so much time! Even for a professional! The ProFroster is a frosting tool that allows you to get clean straight edges even for taller / barrel cakes that are up to 8 inches high.

HOW TO ACHIEVE SHARP EDGES ON YOUR CAKE (Description of video tutorial):

Step 1: Always start with a properly trimmed and layered cake (by cutting off the center bump from your cake). Crumb coat your cake and put it in the fridge for about 30 min or more to create a hard crust, the harder the crust the better. 

Step 2: Frost your cake with a good amount of frosting (don't worry it will mostly scrape off) on all sides. Make sure that the frosting goes above the height of the cake on all edges. 

Step 3: Put the Bar (base; see images below) of the ProFroster against your cake board as you would your bench scraper, and measure where the riser should be.

(The reason why you put it against the cake board is because the cake board is always slightly larger than your cake in diameter, this allows enough room for a good amount of frosting on the outside of the cake. By aligning the ProFroster to the edge of the cake board, the top of your cake will be the same diameter as the bottom of your cake, which is what gives you straight lines all the way down the sides of the cake. In the above video I am using an 8" cake board with an 8" cake. If you want more frosting on the outside of the cake then go up to a 9" cake board)

Step 4:  Adjust the Riser height to meet with your frosting / cake height, and allow the pins to lock into place (see images below on how to assemble the ProFroster). Don't move your hand / grip. Start rotating the cake stand but keep the ProFroster stationary and start scraping. 

Step 5: After your first pass, if you have any gaps fill them in with frosting and rotate / scrape again. You may have to do this several times to make sure that all your gaps are filled in.

Step 6: Smooth the top of your cake where the Riser has left a mark, if any, with your spatula.  

Note: Im a perfectionist. So I put the cake in the refrigerator so that it crusts again and then I frost a thin layer and scrape to make sure that all the gaps are filled, and the edges are sharp.

The cleanliness of your edge will depend on the consistency of your frosting, the thicker the frosting the better...if you use a frosting like ganache, the edge will be sharper. 


**You must slide it on from the TOP, otherwise you will cause stress and damage to the tool.**

1. The Bar is on the left and the Riser is on the right.

2. Widen the gap of the Riser by using your thumb to open it.

3. With the thumb pushing open, slide the Riser onto the Bar from the top.

4. Allow the Riser to snap into the pins of the Bar at the desired height. Make sure that the Bar fits neatly into the groove of the Riser.

**You must slide it on from the TOP, otherwise you will cause stress and damage to the tool.**







If you grew up in the US, chances are at some point your family has immigrated here in hopes of living the American Dream. That is why my parents emigrated with little in their pockets but had big visions for a better future. They were the pioneers of the entrepreneurs we read about today, creating a small mom and pop shop together to provide for their family.  Like all entrepreneurs they had their ups and downs in business, however, no matter how tough things got they persevered with hard work. Eventually they would see their three daughters graduate college, firsts for their families. THIS was living the American Dream, seeing the fruits of labor come to fruition.

Fast forward, I got married and had three children of my own.  My true passion was always making cakes, so I left behind my career and started Three Little Cakes.  In my pursuit to create elegant cakes,  I came across a problem...straight edges on cakes ARE REALLY HARD to achieve! I played around with various techniques and tools, and decided that I would create something more functional, and just like that the ProFroster was born!  What did this mean? Was I ready to start another business? YES! 

Made in the USA

Why Made in the USA?  Because we have to support each other, the local small businesses, the corner mom and pop shop,  the inventors, the farmers, the laborers, the hard working people who sacrifice and strive for betterment. It's up to us to keep the American Dream alive. 

And so here I am, giving everything I have, hoping that you love this product as much as I do.

The ProFroster, and our packaging PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA.  


My Mission:

To Bring Cake Back into every household!  Do you remember when your mom made cake and the whole house smelled delicious and you just couldn't wait until company came over to help eat it?

The ProFroster is here to help you make a cake for your family, friends, parties, and any other occasion that calls for something sweet! Give people something to "Wow!" about, let's make cake a grand finale again!

Cake made for Stephen and Ayesha Curry Birthday Bash. March 2016.

Cake made for Stephen and Ayesha Curry Birthday Bash. March 2016.



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12/14/16 Running Promo Ad

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12/8/16 Running a Promo for Free Shipping! Order yours today!



Hi All! We have worked really hard to get most of the orders out, if you have not yet received a shipping confirmation, please do send an email!


Hi Everyone! We have our stock in and are working really hard to ship all the pre-orders this week! Please check back for updates and if you have any questions please do email and we will get back to you as soon as possible! 






How do I adjust the height of the ProFroster?  

Using your thumb, widen the tab of Riser piece and fit it onto the Bar, and let snap into the pins. Move up and down as necessary to reach the desired height. Please refer to "How it works" page for pictures and video.

My frosting is too soft how do I fix it?

If your frosting is too soft,  put it in the refrigerator until the desired consistency is reached. Mix every 5-10 minutes to cool it down evenly. If your frosting is too soft because your ratio is off, adding more powdered sugar will stiffen it up. The thicker the frosting the better. If you are using a recipe that calls for a few spoonfuls of milk, omit the milk. You want a nice frosting that crusts. You can find my recipe here "Bringing cake back"

How do I start with a trimmed, crumb coated cake?

Each cake bakes up to a round. Before you start frosting and putting the layers together, you want to cut off the "bump". Next you want to crumb coat your cake: add a thin layer of frosting to your cake and put in the fridge until the frosting is hard to touch. This contains all the crumbs so that they don't go into the main layer of frosting. Please refer to "How it works" page.

Why the ProFroster vs other methods or tools?

The ProFroster costs less than many products out there.  It's easy to clean. I use it on every single cake that I make. I've been using it for over 2 years and I can't imagine making cakes again without it! 

What if I want to buy multiple ProFrosters as gifts?  

What better gift to a cake maker?  If you want to buy in multiples please contact me and I will try to get them all in one box so that you can gift them without the shipping labels ruining the packaging.






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The ProFroster P.O. Box 8089  Foster City, CA 94404




Bringing Cake Back

Bringing Cake Back




Some events, like a picnic or kids soccer practice call for ice cream or cupcakes. Other celebrations deserve something more luxurious than just cupcakes. I love making cakes, but what you don't know is that you will love making them too. I love making a delicious homemade cake with a simple design for everything from my daughters' birthdays, potlucks to intimate dinner parties.   As I was growing up I remember my mom always putting together a simple cake for company. A homemade cake is always a "WOW" factor because it's creative, but no one makes them anymore! And aren't you just tired of cupcakes?

The most amazing part is that now you don't need to be a professional to decorate a beautiful cake! 


Did you know that you can make a fresh, homemade, flavorful cake from scratch with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry? And if you don't have time to make it from scratch, you can still create a beautiful cake that will impress your guests.  It's time to DIY cake!

As a professional cake designer I have learned a few tricks to make even the most simple cake look professional and incredible. Here, I will share with you simple recipes and decorating tips, some mine, some borrowed and learned, to help you fall in love with the joy of creating cake.  So the next time you are asked to bring something to a pot luck or party, think CAKE!



Cake recipes

1.  Height: Make sure your cake is at least three layers high so that you get a nice tall professional looking cake.  It looks better when you have a small cake that is tall, rather than a larger cake that is short. I try to make my cakes at least 4" high. 

2.  Size: I think the perfect size for a cake is an 8" three layer round. It feeds about 20-25 depending on the height.

3.  Clean Edges: Get your ProFroster ready! What makes a cake look  elegant and professional is having straight edges even with minimal or no decorations.



If you have time to make cake from scratch, these are amazing yet simple recipes:

1. Chocolate Cake: Hershey's Chocolate Cake if you size the recipe to 1.5, its the perfect amount for three 8" cakes.  TIP: substitute the 1.5 cups of boiling water to 1.5 cups of hot coffee it brings out the chocolate flavor even more.

2. Vanilla Cake: Add a pinch is a great blog for homemade recipes and she has a great vanilla cake recipe. The recipe as is, is the perfect amount of batter for a three layer 8" cake. 

3. Creamy Vanilla Buttercream Frosting:  This one is my recipe and it is enough to frost and cover an 8" three layer cake.

          1 lb. of unsalted butter room temperature

          6 cups of powdered sugar (sifted)

          6 teaspoons of good vanilla extract

                                a. Beat butter and sugar until completely incorporated.

                                b. Add vanilla and beat on high for a good 4 minutes. Stop and scrape down sides occasionally.

                                c. Beat until very pale in color. 



Now we get to the fun part!  Below are some design ideas that are simple, elegant and easy to do! I used the same cake to create these variations to show you that there are endless possibilities. You can combine several of these designs into one cake, but I wanted to highlight a simple cake with little or no effort.

Check back as I will be adding more decorating ideas!