How do I adjust the height of the ProFroster?  

Using your thumb, widen the tab of Riser piece and fit it onto the Bar, and let snap into the pins. Move up and down as necessary to reach the desired height. Please refer to "How it works" page for pictures and video.

My frosting is too soft how do I fix it?

If your frosting is too soft,  put it in the refrigerator until the desired consistency is reached. Mix every 5-10 minutes to cool it down evenly. If your frosting is too soft because your ratio is off, adding more powdered sugar will stiffen it up. The thicker the frosting the better. If you are using a recipe that calls for a few spoonfuls of milk, omit the milk. You want a nice frosting that crusts. You can find my recipe here "Bringing cake back"

How do I start with a trimmed, crumb coated cake?

Each cake bakes up to a round. Before you start frosting and putting the layers together, you want to cut off the "bump". Next you want to crumb coat your cake: add a thin layer of frosting to your cake and put in the fridge until the frosting is hard to touch. This contains all the crumbs so that they don't go into the main layer of frosting. Please refer to "How it works" page.

Why the ProFroster vs other methods or tools?

The ProFroster costs less than many products out there.  It's easy to clean. I use it on every single cake that I make. I've been using it for over 2 years and I can't imagine making cakes again without it! 

What if I want to buy multiple ProFrosters as gifts?  

What better gift to a cake maker?  If you want to buy in multiples please contact me and I will try to get them all in one box so that you can gift them without the shipping labels ruining the packaging.