If you grew up in the US, chances are at some point your family has immigrated here in hopes of living the American Dream. That is why my parents emigrated with little in their pockets but had big visions for a better future. They were the pioneers of the entrepreneurs we read about today, creating a small mom and pop shop together to provide for their family.  Like all entrepreneurs they had their ups and downs in business, however, no matter how tough things got they persevered with hard work. Eventually they would see their three daughters graduate college, firsts for their families. THIS was living the American Dream, seeing the fruits of labor come to fruition.

Fast forward, I got married and had three children of my own.  My true passion was always making cakes, so I left behind my career and started Three Little Cakes.  In my pursuit to create elegant cakes,  I came across a problem...straight edges on cakes ARE REALLY HARD to achieve! I played around with various techniques and tools, and decided that I would create something more functional, and just like that the ProFroster was born!  What did this mean? Was I ready to start another business? YES! 

Made in the USA

Why Made in the USA?  Because we have to support each other, the local small businesses, the corner mom and pop shop,  the inventors, the farmers, the laborers, the hard working people who sacrifice and strive for betterment. It's up to us to keep the American Dream alive. 

And so here I am, giving everything I have, hoping that you love this product as much as I do.



My Mission:

To Bring Cake Back into every household!  Do you remember when your mom made cake and the whole house smelled delicious and you just couldn't wait until company came over to help eat it?

The ProFroster is here to help you make a cake for your family, friends, parties, and any other occasion that calls for something sweet! Give people something to "Wow!" about, let's make cake a grand finale again!

Cake made for Stephen and Ayesha Curry Birthday Bash. March 2016.

Cake made for Stephen and Ayesha Curry Birthday Bash. March 2016.